“What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the best that could happen? Walk toward your discomfort, feel the fear, and then do it anyway.” – Jim Schneider, President, Vertical Performance

Jim Schneider and Lynn Clapp are President and Vice President of the Belleville-based Human Resources consulting company, Vertical Performance. They lead a team of Human Resource consultants who are in “the business of transforming people and workplace cultures” through customized services to a diverse clientele including businesses and corporations, individuals, leadership teams, non-profits and municipalities to name a few.

Jim has worked in various capacities to direct team-building and training for individuals and businesses. Most recently he worked as Human Resources Director for the City of Belleville, IL.

Lynn Clapp has worked as a school/community psychologist, educator and administrator. He recently retired after serving as Belleville School District 118’s Superintendent of Curriculum.

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