Get To Know Belleville Neighborhoods

Learn more about neighborhoods spanning over 200 years.

The Neighborhoods of Belleville Illinois

Belleville, Illinois is a prosperous and diverse suburb of St Louis, Missouri. We know that the secret to remaining vital lies in respecting the architectural and cultural traditions of our past while anticipating the interests and needs of the future generations we want to keep and attract to our city.

Belleville, Illinois: The Best St Louis Area Neighborhood

Belleville is a community that cultivates a first-class education system, continues to attract high-paying jobs while promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Our residents and businesses enjoy the safety Belleville offers, our friendly neighborhoods characterized by our long-standing spirit of volunteerism and hospitality.

Historic Scott Air Force Base Area Neighborhoods in Belleville

Many who are stationed or contracted at Scott Air Force Base have discovered Belleville to be the most desirable place to bring their families and to call home. We’re proud of our reasonably-priced, diverse and historical housing stock, our excellent school systems, our many wonderful parks and cultural offering and thriving business districts. Whatever you need you will find it in Belleville, Illinois.