About Belleville Illinois

Belleville, Illinois, Located Where You Want To Be

Belleville, Illinois is just 15 minutes from Downtown St Louis, Missouri and 10 minutes from Scott Air Force Base. But you don’t have to go anywhere; we have tons of great amenities right here in the “beautiful city.” Traditionally we’re not ones to toot our own horn, but we want to be sure that you don’t miss out on being a part of one of the most progressive and diverse communities in the Midwest.

We Value Education

South West Illinois College in East Belleville and Lindenwood University in Central Belleville offer higher-level education to the area’s surrounding residents and attract international students who contribute a vitality and youthful culture to Belleville that enlivens our town. Belleville’s public and private school systems offer a wide range of options from pre-K through 12th grade emphasizing Character Education as well as academics and extra curricular focuses.

We Value Diversity

Wine Dine and Jazz Belleville IL Variety truly is the spice of life. Belleville seeks out opportunities to welcome diversity, expand our experience and grow culturally. Our neighbors and businesses embrace the wide range of cultures that meet in Belleville. Our educational, religious, business, arts and municipal organizations work together to encourage inclusion and celebration of the differences that make us stronger and better.

We Value Quality of Life

Belleville is a great place to work and an even better place to blow off steam. We have a long tradition of celebrating life through festivals, parades, cultural institutions such as the second-longest running philharmonic orchestra in America… anything you can think of. We are constantly and consciously finding new ways to enhance Belleville living for all ages. From our skatepark to our extensive and beautiful bicycle and running trails. From stock car racing to fine art to our Pride Celebration, Belleville Illinois loves a party. Our award-winning Art on the Square, Wine, Dine & Jazz festival, Octoberfest, Christkindlemarkt and so many other festivities means that nearly every weekend something big is happening! From the vibrant community centered around our extensive Dog Park to bumping into old friends and making new ones at our Downtown festivals and vibrant restaurant, pub and shopping scene.

We Value Technology

replacement-services2We want invite you to join us in making Belleville, Illinois a tech hub on the east side of the Mississippi. Enjoy our Downtown Wi-fi. Because we’re located midway between downtown St Louis and Scott Air Force Base – home of The United States Mobile Air Command, Belleville is taking steps to engage those who live for technology and attract them to our new business incubators, shared work spaces and a surrounding vibrant culture to help you unwind, network and become re-invigorated and inspired.

We Value Community

We hear it all the time, Belleville feels like a big small town – or is it a small, big town? Belleville has never lost it’s way where community is concerned. As eager to maintain loyal bonds as to meet new acquaintances, friends and neighbors in Belleville are both accessible and unobtrusive. You will most likely be asked “What high school did you go to?” but you’ll be always be welcomed wherever you’re from.

We Value Value

One of the problems with remaining constant and steady is that people sometimes take you for granted even if you’re leading the pack. Belleville property costs are surprisingly low as well as our taxes which is why there has never been a better time to experience all that Belleville has to offer when it comes to great values in a new or historic home.

We Value Progress and Improvement

Belleville wants to welcome people like you who are moving into the St Louis area. We value and welcome the variety that you can offer our town and we know that you’ll “get” what it is we has to offer.