Belleville Illinois Home Designer, Lori Creason Powell discusses her successful approach to her chosen fields: design and real-estate in Belleville, Illinois.

Lori Creson Powell is a Belleville, IL property developer, interior designer, photographer, friend and neighbor. She lives in Belleville’s historic Empire Neighborhood near downtown Belleville.

She comes from Columbia, MO via St Louis, MO and has lived in Belleville for 15 years where she raised her three children. After divorcing, Lori began combining her interests and her business sense into real-estate projects which she approaches from a unique perspective which she describes in the podcast.

Alone and with business partners Lori has renovated several Belleville properties beginning by combining skills she has acquired through theatre and business. You might change the way you design and decorate after hearing Lori’s approach to creating a home decor built around the people who will inhabit the space.

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