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Belleville FIrstMade up of one of the St Louis area’s most thriving and diverse business and residential communities, Belleville, Illinois is known as the Capital of Southern Illinois for good reason. Belleville is perfectly situated between St Louis, Missouri and Scott Air Force Base. Every day our businesses serve over 100,000 area residents who live and work in an around Belleville as well as across the river. Area industry, hospitals, professional complexes and colleges as well as our proximity to St Louis and Scott Air Force Base means the community has access to a pool of talented, educated and diverse individuals and their families.

Taking a look around Belleville, Illinois, one can’t help but notice the steady infusion of public art, state-of-the-art bicycle and running trails, attention to architectural and cultural aesthetics, walkable streets, neighbors gathered on front porches and all generations enjoying the life that this community offers.

The Belleville First concept is a home-grown, grassroots mindset of valuing our Belleville’s business owners who invest in our community in order to serve us. It is a consciousness to value and patronize our neighborhood businesses first, thus keeping our community’s businesses strong, keeping our community economically stable, encouraging growth and quality of life, supporting our city’s programs with our taxes and strengthening neighborhoods, schools and Belleville at large.

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