Max Load, Belleville, Illinois punk band from 1978.

Max Load was a punk band that formed in Belleville in 1978 when punk wasn’t yet happening in the Midwest. Terry Jones, the lead singer and guitar player, talks about releasing the record on with little art extras inside that collectors around the world are now paying big dollars for.

We talk about local artist David Reeves who was the center of Belleville’s 80’s underground art/music/film scene and his connection to Uncle Tupelo.

Terry Jones discussed the beginnings of Max Load and how it grew out of his admiration of east and west coast punk bands and their grassroots approach to producing music, a month-long acid trip and his inability to sing songs by the rock band Angel. Max Load came out of a concept that Terry had been putting together in his head.

The band played some St Louis shows and parties around Belleville exposing their audiences to their first taste of punk rock. Jones talks about straddling the punk/disco line by spinning records at Mr. A’s Disco and playing on the notorious lighted dance floor with bands like the Newsboys who went on to Star Search.

Belleville Illinois' Max Load album.Terry discusses the heavy 60 influence on his music that finds its way to his contemporary work with Joe Domingos and Kieth Pixly.

Mike Yaffe – bass player, keyboard, drummer
Mike Speaks about his admiration of his classmate, Terry Jones, when they attended West Junior High together. He discusses how the bands name came from a book that Terry had written and illustrated even at that early age.

He talks about enlisting the assistance of Jack Poole of the Saloonatics to help them record their album. Dave Reeves’ machine gun lunch hours.

Mike spoke of David Reeves’ final days and told a story of his going back to his home town of Valmeyer with a friend to look back on his life.

Mike gives a couple examples of songs from the Max Load album, one which was influenced in a pop direction by The Cars and another tune on the other end of the commercial spectrum.

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